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Frequently Asked Questions

What can I expect from therapy?

Therapy is a dedicated  time and space for you to discuss, explore, and understand issues that are important to you, while having a trained professional to help you work through your situation. Therapy can be focused on one specific issue or problem, or it can contain many events, themes, and patterns that you may want to look at more in depth. We will work together to understand the issues, patterns, or behaviours that you want to focus on, develop understanding of the reason and role those presenting problems have, and create a plan and goals for your time in therapy. 


Therapy is an active and collaborative event.  I often use the quote "what you put into therapy is what you will get out." I am here to walk alongside you as your journey toward healing and change, but you are the who must take the steps. 

Do you take insurance?

Yes, some of the insurance companies that offer coverage for my services are: 


- Sun life 

- Green Shield 

- Pacific Blue Cross 

- Equitable life 

- And more! 


I ask that you contact your insurance provider as all plans are different! 


I do not provide direct billing, but if your insurance covers CCC's you will be able to submit your receipt for reimbursement. I am happy to discuss insurance coverage, please contact me to learn more!  

How much are sessions and how can I pay?

Individual sessions are billed at $170 + GST (i.e. $178.50) and are 50 minutes in length. Couples sessions are billed at $190+GST (i.e. $199.50) and are 70 minutes in length. All payments are due at the end of session. I accept payments via credit card on the NousTalk platform, e-Transfer, or cash. I also offer a sliding fee scale. This means that depending on your financial situation I may lower my rates. Please contact me if you would like to discuss this option. 

Couples Therapy
Cancellation policy

It is important to attend all sessions, as consistency will have a greater impact on ensuring you meet the goals you set out for yourself! However, life is busy and sometimes sessions must be re-scheduled or cancelled. I ask that if you have to cancel a session you do so as soon as possible. I ask that all sessions are cancelled 24 hours in advance at minimum. 

I offer a "one time pass" for all clients. What this means is that you may have one missed session without the 24-hour notice. I ask you still please let me know if you will miss the session. PLEASE NOTE: This is a one time option. All future sessions not cancelled at least 24 hours in advanced will be charged a cancellation fee of $60. 


I will always call or text a client if they do not show up for a session without cancelling or informing me. This is to ensure safety, and act a reminder. 

Cancelling at least 24 hours before your planned session is important as it allows space to open up for other clients. 

How often will we meet and how long will I be in therapy for? 

I suggest we meet once a week to begin. The duration of therapy is based upon the goals that you and I will set out in our first few sessions. Practicing from a psychodynamic framework, I often see clients on a longer term basis. This means I will often meet with clients once a week, or bi-monthly for many months. 


However, I understand that life is also busy! I have studied and have experience within short-term and solution-focused therapy for clients who are interested in working with me, but may not have the time or means to meet for long-term therapy. Additionally, short-term and solution-focused therapy are foundations I use when there is a specific behaviour or issue that you want to work and can last from 4-15 sessions. 

I like to check in with clients throughout our time together and see if breaks are needed, increase or decrease in sessions. Contact me so we can discuss therapy schedules that might work for you! 

How will I know your the right therapist for me?
Adolescent Therapy

This is such an important to question! Hopefully throughout this website you have a sense of who I am and how I work. However, the only way to really know is for us to meet. I offer free 15 minute consultations should you have any questions for me or want to understand the process better. You will be able to see if how I practice aligns with your healing, your personality, and your goals. 

The first couple of sessions are very important for the therapeutic relationship and to see if we are a good fit. In short, if you are looking for a therapist who will work with you to uncover the unconscious patterns that drive your current issues, who believes you are the master of your own story, and who believes above all else change is possible - I might be the fit for you. 

I understand that it can feel uncomfortable to ask questions, but I encourage you ask any questions you may have about my process and therapy itself.

Is it normal to be nervous? 

Absolutely! It is common to feel nervous before starting therapy (even if you've been before!). While those nerves can make you anxious to attend therapy, they are a normal part of the process. I invite you to feel those feelings and come discuss them during your first session. I can commit to you that I will be there with you however the path may look. 

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